Published: Thu, September 14, 2017
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Watercolor, gardening, meliponicultura

Watercolor, gardening, meliponicultura

The first trip was made by walking through the very beautiful area south of Cartago, by the places known as Navarrito, Navarro de Socorro and Navarro del Socorro, a peasant area, with a lot of nature and despite having Many fifths, still retains its charm of purity, clear to be so close to the national park Tapantí any place would have, but this is something that feels in the air since reaching the summit in Navarrito.

Electric Eel Marbles Game Net (Marbles) 6.25 "H x 2.75" W x 1.5 "D
Electric Eels are actually very gentle fish, despite their shocking reputation and are described by some biologists as friendly. Curious Facts About Electric Eels: They are a type of fish native to South America that produces large amounts of electricity.

The Carnivorous Plant FAQ: Sarracenia cultivation
Rosea leaf pulling Vegetative propagation: If your plants are growing large they are splitting open the pot, you can divide them. I think winter rest is signalled by cooler temperatures and / or decreased photoperiod / intensities, but I do not really know.

The orchids of Ivan Arroyo. My orchids in Basque Country: September 2010
In summer, irrigation once every two days (the hottest days, once a day) and in winter, once every 2 or 3 days. I am lucky to live in the north of Spain, near the sea, so I usually have a high humidity throughout the year.

The route is very frequented by people who are going to walk or run and ride a bicycle, the street seems good enough so that even 4x4 cars do not enter, however I did not get to see them, so I share some images of the route:

Along the way you can see some colorful orchids. There are also varied river valleys, and in the larger river there are several pools that are frequented by some occasional bathers.

Varro de muñeco, tourist centers with fishing of trout, others with motocross and cozy typical sodas offer dishes with authentic flavor to home, in the middle of nature.

In Navarro del Socorro, some interesting sights in the surroundings, like This ficus adhosado to the enormous rock. From here the path to the steep slope of Linda Vista must be done on foot or by bicycle as the step is through a pedestrian hammock bridge through the river canyon bursting.

Then, the second trip, a short trip, but a lot of enjoyment and without any cost more than gasoline (because it is quite difficult to propose to climb to Irazu walking or cycling).

Then there is the least known crater of all, this is reached by a small detour to the left before descending to this crater, the street is not good, but walking is very easy to access.

Is followed through the beauty of the moor, and suddenly you come to this great hole Inside, it is a quiet place, away from the fierce winds and one of those places where you hear all the birds sing. If the road is followed, it reaches the towers of the summit, where you have, with good weather, spectacular views probably even of the volcano Turrialba, but only from the vicinity of the top of the Irazú: While breathing is recovered, You can see all the diverse flora of the area: These I call them herbs of fire, they appear flames in the middle of all the pasture !! This is precisely the shrub that is toxic, Pernettya coriacea, very similar to blueberry, this shrub is toxic and should never be consumed !! Abstract that indicates this data Present in the middle of all the rocks and roads, a lot of these brown mushrooms attract much attention.

The grass burns lol !!

Interesting what you see in the mulberry plants of the area, the mora castilla grows almost flush with the ground here, unlike the large shrubs down the mountain. The species is

Like this: