Published: Sun, October 22, 2017
World | By Lorena Waters

Ayotzinapa, a year later | Al Jazeera America

Ayotzinapa, a year later | Al Jazeera America

It has not been easy, both for my mom. You see as they say, the mother is the one who feels the most. We already go through the death of a brother, and as she says, "I do not say that I resigned myself, that your brother died, but at least he buried it, I know where it is, it's not so much pain anymore . "With this yes. Day after day, it is harder to think for days, not knowing, not knowing. Uncertainty is the most painful, a disappearance as such.

You can not imagine what things have been done [to get answers]. And we, as a family, have gone to places that you have no idea how dangerous they have been. My brother and my husband, from the first moment this happened, went to the mountain. They even went once a week in the mountain, looking for, in the hills, towards Iguala.

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His things, everything, are as he left them, back in Omeapa. We have not done anything in his room. No more sweeps, by the dust, but his things there are, as he left them, waiting. All his things, even his weeping, his little coins, he left them and there they are still.

I no longer imagine that if he came, that we would find him, he would no longer laugh and , As he always told us, "Do not stain!" Yes, because, it would laugh.

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