Published: Wed, October 11, 2017
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Flowers and wild plants: "Rhododendron". Rhododendron.

Flowers and wild plants:

Origin: Asia. It is a native of West China.

Etymology: The term Rhododendron comes from the Greek Rhodon (pink) and Dendron (tree) Large evergreen shrub. Height: 1-3 meters high. Some varieties barely reach 50cms.

Leaves: Oval and elongated of a bright green that highlights the different colors with which they present flowers that clearly show the stamens and anthers That contain.

Flowers: Flowers of a color: Its flowers are white, pink, red or violet.- Flowering: spring.

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Danger: All parts of rhododendrons are toxic, and sometimes fatal, if

Properties :

Properties: Strong> Prevent the sun from giving them directly, they only require 5 hours of light a day.

Temperatures: Can not withstand both extreme cold and extreme heat. Supports up to 0ºC.

Humidity: Spray the leaves in summer. Do not spray when the flower buds are forming the following year.

Soil: Requires acid soils. Humid and well drained. It does not support clay soils.

Irrigation: Abundantly in hot weather and if it is too strong to water above the leaves. Do not water with alkaline or hard water.

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Such offerings assembled in this album called us to imagine life relationally across different beings rather than across the same beings.

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