Published: Fri, October 06, 2017
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Robots made in Cuba? - Cachivache Media

Robots made in Cuba? - Cachivache Media

I've known Alejandro Pérez Malagón for several years. From our conversations I suspected he was a brilliant guy. But I did not know how much. He did not know, for example, that he is the head of the robotics group at CUJAE. He did not know that his group has already developed 3 robots (or robotic platforms, as he prefers to call them) and are close to connecting them with social networks.

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"I would love to make you a video where you talk about your robots" , I told him one day by the Facebook chat. A few weeks later I arrived at his laboratory to find a small group of Cuban engineers with a pioneering work in the field of robotics in our country. Malagon dreams, and dreams big. "I would like to create machinery, which they alone sow and harvest in agriculture," he acknowledged as soon as the camera was turned on. And although they are still far from accomplishing such a feat, they have advanced in finding solutions to great problems that robotics presents to them, which is no small thing. Piece by piece, code by code, move the limits of innovation in Cuba.

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