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Update on Ida: devastation in El Salvador | Episcopal Cafe

Update on Ida: devastation in El Salvador | Episcopal Cafe

The Rev. Lee Alison Crawford, Canon Missionary of the Anglican Episcopal Church of El Salvador and priest in Vermont, has photos.

At her blog Hiker of the devastation in El Salvador from Hurricane Ida

From the Cristosal Foundation web site shows more photos of the damage.

[Photos] show a country devastated by floods . Bishop Barahona has traveled to some of these areas, Noah Bullock is coordinating relief efforts and Episcopal Relief and Development is also in conversation (with Brian Peterson actually in El Salvador) with the [Anglican Episcopal Church of El Salvador] IAES. Keep your prayers coming !!! They mean everything. And spread the word to give Cristine either online - or send a check to: 681 North Hill Cross Road, Ludlow VT 05149. Specify 'Ida flood relief' in your donation and many thanks.

, 8 November 2009

At some 51 km (31 miles) to the east of the Salvadoran capital (San Salvador), one finds Verapaz, a town in the central department of San Vicente, which Hurricane Ida converted into A symbol of a tragedy.

Verapaz, whose original name in the Nahuatl language was "Akiski" was translated as "the Bobbin." It was devastated by an avalanche of earth and boulders that separated from Volcano Chinchontepec in The early hours of last Saturday. Apolonia Durán, visibly upset, narrated how she and the people of this town were able to do so.

Her large family was trapped in her house by the mire and rocks that came down from Chinchontepec. Duran is one of the 99 families lodged in the neighboring town of San Isidro.

Floods, destabilizations and other events produced from rains are the most frequent event in the history of disasters of this Central American country.

By Sunday night, the number of fatalities in the department of St. Vincent had Reached 50 in preliminary findings. During a national cabinet meeting, Funes said, "Material and spiritual rebuilding of the affected person"

The storm produced 355 millimeters (14 inches) of rain in four hours - Hurricane Mitch produced that amount of rain in four days, according to authorities of the Ministry of the Environment.

Verapaz, near neighboring Tepetitan (in Nahuatl pipil, it means, " Place between hills ") was one of the most hit towns by the tragedy. On the national level, according to figures on Sunday, there are 124 dead, 61 missing, 7000 evacuees, and an estimated hundreds of injured.

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El Salvador in national emergency ...

Verapaz Symbol of a tragedy

San Salvador, November 8, 2009.

About 51 kilometers east of the Salvadoran capital is Verapaz, a town in the para- San Vicente, which the Ida storm turned into a symbol of a tragedy. Verapaz, whose original name was "Akiski" in Nahuatl, translates as: The Reel, was razed by avalanches of earth and rocks that Were released from the volcano of Chinchontepec, during the first hours of last Saturday. The avalanche that broke off the cone reached more than six kilometers and brought dozens of humble houses of that town.

While Santos González, a living man, continued to search for some of his fifteen relatives, among them.

Floods, landslides, and other rainfall events are the most frequent in history Of the disasters in this Central American country.

In the hours of Sunday night, the fatalities in the department of San Vicente were fifty, in preliminary figures. While President Mauricio Funes announced a national emergency and said that the magnitude of the damage from this tragedy was incalculable.

"The material and spiritual reconstruction of the people affected will be essential," Funes announced in National chain. The departments most damaged by the passage of Storm Ida were San Vicente, San Salvador, La Libertad, Cuscatlán and La Paz.

Storm Ida caused 355 millimeters of rainfall in four hours, Storm Mitch in four days eleven years ago; According to the authorities of the Ministry of the Environment.

Verapaz, next to the neighbor Tepetitan that in Náhuatl pipil, means: Place between hills, they are among the towns hardest hit by the tragedy. At the national level, according to statistics on Sunday, the death toll was 124, while 61 were missing, 7 thousand people evacuated, estimated to be hundreds of injuries.

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