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Placenames | Geo-Mexico, the geography of Mexico

Placenames | Geo-Mexico, the geography of Mexico

Fatimah Araneta grew up in Mexico City.

This is the fourth and final part of our guest series by Fatimah Araneta ​​strong> After gaining a Masters in City Planning at Berkeley, California, she opted to eschew city life and direct her energy and attention to living in tune with what's left of Mother Earth before it all gets paved over and criss-crossed with cabled and non-cabled Networks. She lives "off the grid" in the shadow of the volcano she prefers to call Chicnautécatl. Part 4 - Many Mexican place names were changed following Mexican Independence (1821)

Finally, we come to what León-Portilla calls The fourth layer in a place name: the part applied during Mexico's independent era. The purpose was usually to deliberately erase names that were also Castilian for the newly-born nation's taste, as in the case of the state of Jalisco, which used to be Nueva Galicia, or Tamaulipas, which was formerly called Nuevo Santander. Both Jalisco and Tamaulipas are prehispanic names.

Sometimes the new place name was to honor a war hero. Today's Ciudad Hidalgo used to be Tajimaroa; Ciudad Juárez's old name was El Paso, Texas.

And coming back to the domains of the Nevado (today the city to the north of the border of Ciudad Juárez retains part of that name: / Xinantécatl / Chicnautécatl, there is a small city about an hour's drive to the west of the volcano with a place name of its own. Nine hundred years ago it was a densely populated area, the focus of pilgrimages and of commerce, the place where produce, goods, news and ceremonies were exchanged between the people of the altiplano (the higher, cooler plains ) And those of tierra caliente (the warmer lowlands). The Nahuatl name for it was Temascaltepec, "Place of the Hot Steam Baths."

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Valle de Bravo. Photo: Fatimah Araneta. All rights reserved.

In this case, it is important to note that there is a significant change in the name of the country. Of its past.

This concludes our mini-series on Mexican place names.

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