Published: Wed, November 15, 2017
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The doubling of Summits

This small village in the heart of the Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park, surrounded by meadows of cork oak and holm oak, oak forest, poplars, willows and chestnut trees, Escaped from the vertiginous rhythm of life imposed in our days and where contact with nature has become a healthy alternative.

The Calabacino, Los Madroñeros, El Collado and El Cabezuelo, peer through dense vegetation To notice the impeccable white of their houses with reddish roofs, wake up every morning with the sonorous route of the water of sources and springs. These small nuclei, suffered the emigration of their neighbors being practically depopulated and it was in the years 80 when coinciding with the rise of a population movement that seeks to return to the rural, pollution-free and quiet environments, young couples with a lifestyle that allows them to adapt to the environment, lovers of Handicrafts, painting and art in general, have once again filled these villages with life.

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The genus Fleischmannia in Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Paraguay (Eupatorieae, Asteraceae)
An additional distinction of the new species seems to be the shorter corollas and much shorter anther thecae. Many of the other specimens were also given that name.

The Calabacino came to have about 600 inhabitants who marched in full, their houses scattered between vegetation and Stone were occupied by young people who came fleeing from the cities and looking for the natural. Today there are about 200 people who populate it, mostly artisans who practice a self-subsistence economy. Access to the houses is done by walking on a picturesque colored path, especially in spring, by fruit trees full of flowers; The road leads to a fresh corner where the Fuente de San Amaro is located, it also has a small church dedicated to the Holy Trinity.

The Collado and Cabezuelo, also suffered the departure of their neighbors, leaving their homes as seasonal homes, these can be reached by car or by several roads from neighboring villages.

In the Villages of Alájar has been achieved a rehabilitation of the farmhouse, maintaining the essence of rural, the uniformity of the constructions and a careful aesthetic have managed to walk through them becomes a journey to the past.

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